Metal Cutter

Metal Cutter

Metal Processing

Metal processing is not that easy as for example wood processing is. In order to bend and cut metal, there are special technologies. The most commonly used metal cutting technologies are plasma and laser because both of them ensure some great characteristics when compared to other technologies.

Commonly Used Metal Cutters

First thing you definitely need to know is that you have to use the appropriate blade to cut certain metals. For example, the metal cutter used for aluminum cannot be used to cut stainless steel; and this is mostly because the stainless steel is much harder. There are different metals such as iron, aluminum or steel used in many constructions. These metals present various properties, thicknesses and sizes and they request different cutting methods.

By learning the appropriate bending and cutting technologies, you are going to definitely know how to use different metal cutters. You have to know that there are various metal cutters appropriated for different metal textures and items. For example, cutting a metal sheet is different from cutting a pipe. However, plasma and laser are great choices for different cutting methods being suitable for most metal cutting demands. Below you are able to find the presentation of these two commonly used metal cutters.

Plasma and Laser Metal Cutters

In order to decide which one is the best metal cutter fitting your demands, you are able to find below the most important characteristics presented by plasma and laser metal cutters.

  • Plasma Metal Cutter: This cutter was specially engineered to cut metals such as cooper, aluminum and stainless steel. The plasma cutter uses oxygen, air, nitrogen, hydrogen or argon, gases that properly conduct electricity. This way, they are able to transmit the necessary energy for metal cutting. 

The plasma metal cutter is a less expensive metal cutting method. However, its most important drawback is that it affects a larger area around the cutting. It also can cause re-solidified metal drops on cut edge. At the same time, while the laser cutter cannot be used for metals presenting low melting points, the plasma metal cutter can be successfully used for all kinds of metals. Even more, while using the plasma metal cutter is advisable to wear safety glasses.  

  • Laser Metal Cutter: The laser cutter is mostly used in industrial fields. This cutter is used for applications such as engraving, drilling or cutting. Using laser, you are able to always obtain a very clean cut provided by high accuracy and precision. Laser is extremely efficient as metal cutter as it can cut only causing negligible cracks. These cracks are presented only at the metal surface and not deeper. It is an excellent sheet metal cutter.

The laser cutter provides a fast process being a great choice for different metals. However, you should not use this metal cutter for any reflective metals such as cooper or aluminum. These metals can easily reflect an important part of the energy provided by laser. Besides this, the laser metal cutter is also great to cut different other materials such as wood, glass or plastic. However, this metal cutter requests more energy and as a result it is one of the most expensive metal cutting options.    

As you can see, both metal cutters present specific advantages and as well disadvantages. Before using any of these methods, it is advisable a proper research related to the metal characteristics so you can choose the best method in cutting metals. Besides this, you should also determine the operational costs, individual requirements and any related investment.